About Us

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This is not a company as usually you can meet, but is a mixture of passion, love and much respect to the planet and all creatures live on her.

Long before, having finished studies about psychology, and learning about the emotional body of the humans, I had the strong wish to find ways for healing without using chemicals.  Through different alternative methods, like the colours, painting, music, psychodrama, went little by little to the roots, what people used to use in old time. And after to older time arriving to Hyppocrates, Aesculapius, Dioscurides and examining the similarities between different countries and civilisations about the use of herbal remedies, the conclusion was, that nature offers on every place what is necessary to heal different situations and diseases.

Following the singing path of my life, came to Crete for to live, 32years before. With much love for this island. Here i was teached by the last generation of practical widwives and practical doctors of last century. And I started to collect different herbs and prepare extracts as is used to do the women in many countries all previous centuries, for to cure different problems in the family.

Many years of research about the use of different medical herbs in Greece and different countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and in 1996, I started a small shop in the village of Maroulas , where I concentrated my knowledge and experience.

My older son, Petros, was born between herbs and used to help me from young, since he was going to school still. He has followed his heart and finished studies about herbalist, he is a wonderful herbalist with reach experience already.

You are welcome to visit our Herb Shop in Maroulas, if you wish to experience a herbal tea or extract.

Kind greetings to all,

Marianna Founti