Natural extract of Balsam – St John Wort

In medieval Europe, during the summer solstice, the flower of St John’s wort was thought to have powerful magical and protective properties, capable of repelling every kind of negative energy. In pharmacy it was used to treat emotional and nervous disorders.

Natural extract of balsam is an excellent antiseptic. Apply externally for wounds and burns and to relieve cramps, nerve, muscular and arthritic pain.

Internally the oil can be used for gastric inflammation and peptic ulcers.
It is an anti-inflammatory and has therapeutic and powerful healing properties which operate both externally and internally in the human body. Through the years of my research I have found that this herbal extract has been prepared in most countries in Europe by women in the family home to deal with various problems such as anxiety, depression, stress, musculoskeletal pain, insect bites, neuralgia, menopause, sores and shingles.