Natural extract of Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis)

Rosemary is referred to as a gift from Aphrodite to humans. It is a shrub that played an important biotechnological and gastronomically part in everyday life of people living in the Mediterranean. Since ancient times it has been used on alters during sacrifices to please the Gods. For centuries it has been considered a symbol of remembrance with important conservative properties in weddings and funerals. In the middle Ages it was believed that Rosemary grew by itself in the yards of honest and righteous people and it brings good luck and protects from evil spirits. Ancient Greeks constantly wore garlands of rosemary during the periods of hard studies. In a herbalist text of 1526 found in Crete, we read that Rosemary is used against weakness of the brain and flu. In another more modern text we also read that if you feel weak wash with clean water and massage with oil of rosemary which will make you feel revitalised.

Natural extract of rosemary is a tonic and reviving oil when used in the bath. Massage the oil into specific aching points in the morning and at night. If you drink half a teaspoon of natural extract of rosemary this will stimulate your memory, your blood flow and help your breathing. It is also beneficial for the liver and bile it reduces cloistral and balances blood pressure. It can be used for dandruff and problems with oily hair. It can help to vitalise you spiritually by massaging your head, nape and shoulders. It balances the nervous system when there is tension, sadness or apathy. It is exceptionally good as a repellent for insects.