Natural extract of Pine (Pinus Hallepensis)

The ancient Greeks dedicated to a deity, the goddess Artemis, as well as a deity, the Amadryades and nymphs they were dedicated to the Pine. They believe that every time you are born a tree, a Amadryada born within it, and died with him. That’s why the legend that the Amadryades please their heroes not destroy their trees. In particular, one myth states that Aeneas, while he cut smyrties, saw blood dripping from their roots and heard a sigh and a voice asks. Aeneas because our asunder; why do you tear us apart.
The pine is Pityousa the ancient Greeks. The Pityousa, was a nymph with Pan and the north wind fell in love with Pityous.. The Pityousa, preferably in Pan. The boron very angry, struck with fury and thrown down a rock .. Gaia, took pity on the poor Pityousa and helped. Transformation into a tree, which by then was named Pityousa-pine. Pan, having been unable to have the wife Pityousa nymphs, adorn the head with its branches,
The pine in each country that hosts one of the articles of eighty, was associated with the worship that marked the awakening of religious feeling in man and not long be used for medicinal purposes.

They have been found on papyrus recipes that show Egyptian doctors, at the time of the Pharaohs, recommended Tucson pine resin.
Hippocrates recommended it as a therapeutic pneumonia and Arab doctors used it especially for ulcers of the lungs, which must have been the tubercle caves lung. For thousands of years pine was known for its capacity as a bronchial disinfectant. Pine oil is used in hot water for various aches and pains. To relieve tiredness and aching muscles massage after a warm bath. For colds, flu, bronchitis and asthma, massage as directed in Lemon oil.

We quote a tale that comes us from the depths of years old …
Once upon a time, there was a small, love giasemi..itan planted in front of a huge tall pine. The pine had large, broad trunk and was very old. The micro jasmine koittouse tall, the blue sky, when the tall, old pine, and when the sun Chrysiri. The pine loved very small jasmine and every so often told him fairy tales to grow up with love, happy and strong. It was so great the love of the
two plants, which slowly – slowly the little jasmine embraces the old pine and wrap around – around the trunk of the possible. And the pine singing words relations to the sun, that every plant and tree trying to reach stretching its branches high in the sky. Our blood of us, he said pine, are our juices flowing from the earth upwards, towards the sky. The dream of each plant is to reach the Chrysiri Sun, he said in the micro jasmine. And the little jasmine grows and ever embrace the grand old pine wise. And love them did go up to the sky just as he was told the old pine … The birds came in the branches of pine and sang the love of jasmine, pine and Sun.
Till we came to Spring …
Then the little jasmine felt for the first time love.
The god Eros sang at the micro jasmine, and he opened its flowers and a fragrance rushed in and flooded from the air. The old pine then took a deep breath of joy and gladness, and the sun shone hard against the sky.
The flowers are human chakras. The Pythagoras chakra of the head called flower of mind. The energy of man is like the juices of plants, flows up from Eros to sulfur, imaginary sun. Therefore, the GREEK mythology, the soul allegory with the seed and the man like a plant that blooms. The fragrance of jasmine is the splendor of the energy body of man when loves, which dimiorgei wonders fragrant like metaphysical act and fact.
The old pine are those who support and help us we too rely on them of getting the Chrysiri imaginary sun and bloom the flower of our minds.