Natural extract of Rose (Rosa Canina)

In ancient Greece, the rose was considered the emblem of holdings secret, blossom dedicated to Harpocrates, god of silence. At each Symposium, the purpose of which was to be respected secret, the floor of the house hung a garland with roses, symbol.
Another version, he will be the rose was born from the nectar poured on Earth, when God cravings, dancing on a panel having the Olympian gods, overthrew the crater contained.
Ovid recounts that the plant sprang from the blood of Adonis.
However these myths may be considered younger, if we take into account that oil flavored with rose refers to clay tablets found in Knossos.
The Romans were the first to cultivate roses in closed flower garden and introduced the perfumed petal plant into cuisine and pastry, since the Greeks used them primarily for their cosmetic properties.
The APIKIAN, we refer to a recipe called, frying pans with rose petals.
The preferences of the Romans seem to have followed the Byzantines, who used to sprinkle their meats and sweets with rosewater. Sappho, the poetess century, described the red rose as queen of flowers.
Rose water was prepared by the Arab physician Avicenna.
The rose oil relaxes, tones and fights fears and concerns in the bath water for the massage, ideal for the morning bath. Good for dry and sensitive skin.
For a manicure, add 5 drops to a bowl of hot water. Apply and massage to the lips, neck, wrinkles, nape, cramps and broken capillaries. To deal with headaches use rose oil in the meninges, neck, shoulder, morning and evening. In person instead of cream. Moisturizes, prevents wrinkles, protects from the sun.