Natural extract of Majoran (Origanum Majorana)

The evergreen amaragkos, Theophrastus,and Dioscorides sampsychion came from the Middle East.

Widely cultivated since antiquity as an ornamental plant with flavoring and medicinal properties. Believed that aroma of marjoram was used byVenus, and so crowned with flowers of young couples in wedding ceremony
Theophrastus tells that Syrians were making fragrances with leaves and flowers of.

Natural extract of marjoram is a very good analgesic and can help to relieve pain in the joints by massaging into the affected areas morning and evening. It can also be used to reduce symptoms of flu and asthma by inhalation and by massage the nose as described in lemon oil. To help relieve headaches and migraines massage into the temples , neck and shoulders morning and evening. Marjoram has hypertensive properties which help with insomnia and nervous disorders by massaging into the neck, shoulders and chest after a bath and before sleep. It can also be used in bath water.