Natural extract of Jasmine (Jasminus Officinalis)

Jasmine first came to Europe in 16th century from China and Iran and is mainly used in perfumery. There is an old myth about a young prince in China who asked to be married to one of the six daughters of his General. To decide which one he asked each girl to bring him the most beautiful flower. The first brought him one rose, the second brought a clove, the third brought a lily, the fourth brought a chrysanthemum, the fifth brought a dahlia and the youngest didn’t know what flower to offer him because her sisters had chosen the most beautiful flowers. Her name was Gia-se-mi, the Greek word for jasmine. One morning she noticed a small bird that held a small branch of blossom and inspired as she was, she offered it to her prince. The prince thanked the sisters and chose Gia-se-mi because the scent of the flower talked deep in his soul. He planted the branch in his royal garden and from that day forward it was named after her.

The natural extract of Jasmine has anti depressive, aphrodisiac, antiseptic and calming qualities. It is particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skins, especially for red spots and itches. It is revitalizing for the body in the bath or for massage. It can be used against stress by applying it daily on the neck and shoulders, twice a day in the morning and night.