Natural extract of Origan (Origanum Vulgaris)

The linguistic root of the plant, origanum, comes from the word mountain term + Ghana = glamorous mountain, because when the oregano blooming, the bright of flowers reflect sunlight. Dioscorides recommended it to those who had lost their appetite.

The ancient Greeks drank a decoction of oregano to cure spasms in the abdomen and also against poisoning. The decoction has a slightly bitter astringent and effective in cases of diarrhoea.
The folk medicine of Crete was using fried in olive leaf poultices to grips of the average.

Oregano oil was also used for toothache and applied regularly to teeth and gums to prevent gingivitis. It is effective in the prevention and treatment of respiratory infections, bronchitis, asthma etc. See Lemon oil.
For menstrual pain, apply and massage the stomach gently.
For the treatment of cellulite, massage after bathing.