Natural extract of Cypress (Cypressus Sempervivens)

Cypress grows in the Mediterranean basin and since ancient times symbolises the union of earth and heaven. The ancient Greeks used the wood for the construction of sculptures. They prepared a drink from crushed pine nuts impregnated with wine to cure dysentery, haemoptysis, asthma and coughing.

Cypress can be applied externally to tighten varicose veins and haemorrhoids by dilating blood vessels. If used in the bath it can combat excessive sweating and can refresh tired muscles. It is good for reducing cellulite by massaging after a bath into such areas as the arms and buttocks. For nail care and broken capillaries use a few drops in a bowl of warm water daily. By inhalation it can help respiration problems and calm hypertension. It is also good for taking care of the body especially oily skin.