Natural extract of Lemon (Citrus Limonium)

The lemon tree came to Europe in the 2nd century from the area known today as Iran which lies between the Tigris Basin and the Caspian Sea. Virgil refers to the properties of the lemon tree as sweeten the breadth and stabilising the pulses of the elderly.

Today its pharmacological properties are acknowledged as an antiseptic and sedative atherosclerosis. For many years it was used to eliminate moths and as an antidote for bites. They were using whole fruits or branches in wardrobes and drawers to protect their clothes from moths and insects and also to give a pleasant aroma. Lemon oil is used to treat acne by softly massaging into the affected areas morning and night. It can be used against flu and cough by massaging the nose internally making circular movements to cover the mucus. Continue massaging on the outside of the nose with first downward and then upward movements which is a perfect exercise to release your respiration. Continue to massage the sides of the ears, neck and chest morning and night. It is very effective for rheumatism and arthritis when massaged into the affected areas and also helps to reduce symptoms of herpes, varicose veins and haemorrhoids. It can help against hair loss by massaging into the scalp twice a week. For chilblains, rub with lemon oil and eat food which contains chilli and ginger. When lemon oil is diluted in water you can gargle which will relieve a sore throat and help with gingivitis and sore gums. Lemon oil can help to shrink moles and can also be used to relax and refresh you when you bathe.