Natural extract of Frankinsence (Boswelia Tulifera)

Frankincense originates from the family of boswellia and by classical times was being imported from the East. It is adapted by Greeks under dual purposes for medicine and incense. The aroma will be soon adapted by the group gatherings of the Christians.

Little is known about the traveller Lebanon (frankincense), the young man transformed into the homonymous plant, and only then managed to impose the use of. However exactly the invisibles of origin and the ambiguity of his adventures come to support the age-old march transit through the ports of the Red Sea of the road stations of the Persian kingdom.

When the resin is heated it is famous for its healing properties. Moves to the Mediterranean coast, will be accepted at the price of human version of his life, and donated to the contrary homeland warmly a place of Olbia and favored by fate with all sorts of balms. As a conclusion the primary fire and air, the properties of hot will further expressed the way chriseo of incense, which gradually loses its material within a STATUS floginous vapors …

Natural extract of frankincense is very effective against wrinkles and the premature aging of the skin. Use it on the face instead of cream and on the body after a bath. It is especially beneficial in pregnancy as it helps to prevent stretch marks and can help to makes them disappear. It is also connected with the seventh chakra and can help when youngsters are growing up with their myoskeletical and nervous system. For respiratory problems like bronchitis, a runny nose cough and inhalations, massage as described in the Extract of Lemon oil. When inhaled, it can create a good mental and emotional state.