Natural extract of Spearmint (Mentha Viridis)

While taking a walk along the banks of the rive Acharon, Persephone saw her husband, Pluto, caressing a young nymph called Mint. Disturbed by her husband’s adultery she transformed Mint into a humble plant with small purple flowers so she would be unnoticed by everyone. Pluto, unable to undo the deed, spared her and gave her a divine scent which ensured her immortality and a special place in the gastronomically pantheon of aromatic herbs.

Ancient Greeks believed that spearmint helped revitalise the blood and the brain and it was considered one of the greatest antidotes for headaches and migraines. People used to wear garlands made from spearmint after a heavy drinking session to prevent the onset of headaches. Romans worshiped spearmint and used it in all their foods. They also used to scent their bath water with it.

Natural extract of spearmint has antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties. It is good for skin irritations, swollen blood vessels in the arms and legs, applying it directly to affected areas day and night. It can be used for headaches, migraines, high anxiety and help with spiritual tiredness. Use it in bath water to cleanse the mind and for clear thoughts. It is a natural anti insect repellent when combined with extracts of spearmint, lavender rosemary, Melissa and eucalyptus.