Natural extract of Laurel (Laurus Nobilis)

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Apollo fell in love with the daughter of the river Ladonas and she was called Daphni (laurel). She was a young beautiful girl, but also was wild and independent. When Apollo decided to run after her and express his love, she went to get protection from her goddess Mother, Gaia. To save Daphni from Apollo she transformed her in a very beautiful laurel tree. In another version Apollo slaughtered the dragon Python at the shore of a river, then he entered the water and washed himself from the fight. When he came out he cut some branches of laurel and returned victorious to Delphi wearing a crown made of laurel leaves. Since then laurel is a symbol of cleansing, victory, glory and honor.

Laurel is also delicate to Doctor Asclepius .

Women of Crete were used to place in the sun a pot filled of olive oil and laurel seeds to use for smearing on the head so as to strengthen the hair, but it was also used to smear limbs that suffered by rheumatisms sprains and contusions.

Many farmers in the past used to wash their animals at summer with laurel water so as to keep parasites away.

Also the dried dust of the leaves was used to stop the bleeding of the nose.

The tincture of the leaves is a tonic for the faction of the stomach and the urine system.

Since the times of ancient Rome tradition says that if a laurel withers misfortune will come to the household. During Satournalia, a feast taken place in December, they were making a decorative garland with laurel leaves for the household.

It was believed that the herb had powerful protective and healing powers.

The tincture of the leaves was used for its warming and tonic properties that affect the stomach and the bladder.

If you make a poultice from the leaves it gives relief from bee stings and mosquito’s.

Dioscourides wrote that the rind of laurel can help against kidney stones and can heal diseases of them.

By practical application of laurel oil comes out some uses :

Laurel can strengthen the hair, stop hair loss and gradually darkens the hair and eyebrows. It is a natural extract that can help healing many problems of the bones and tendons. It can also be used in the treatment of arthritis, rheumatisms and on a fracture or a sprain.